Mrs. Hansen is the school library clerk. The library is in the MultiMedia center. A computer system is available enabling students to locate books in our school library from any computer on or off campus Le Grand Elementary School Library Catalog. Take a look!

The library is now open for classroom visits Monday through Friday. Students may visit the library on their own time before or after school or during morning break. Each student is allowed to check out two books and is given two weeks to enjoy these books.

Books must be returned before more books can be checked out. When a book becomes overdue, a $.05 fine will be charged for each school day the book is not returned. Students with any fines or overdue books may not check out books. Books lost or damaged must be paid for by the borrower. Students are reminded to return their signed library cards before any books can be checked out.

Library fines can now be "paid" three different ways. 

  1. Cash  

  2. Box Tops for Education - 1 box top = $0.10  

  3. Reading minutes in the library - 5 minutes = $0.10 

Our collection of books has greatly increased over the last few years. The library has many new books to enjoy this year. It is hoped that students will enjoy the library and help make it great.

Besides books, students may participate in different hands-on activities located in our centers area,

Mrs. Kari Hansen
Library Clerk