Program Rules and Guidelines

To ensure the success of the A.C.E.S. program, we have outlined the following information and rules to be followed:

  • Attendance: Regular attendance is expected. Students who have (3) unexcused absences in each quarter will be dropped from the program. Students are also expected to attend and stay for the entire duration of the program each day. If a student is absent due to illness, doctor’s appointment, ect., the site coordinator must be notified. Students who attend outside programs and/or parallel activities such as sports, catechism, ect., must fill out a parallel activities form that is available in the program coordinators office.

  • Student Pick-up: Students participating in the program must be signed out by a parent/guardian or someone authorized to pick-up the student. The A.C.E.S. program time ends promptly at 6:00pm each day. All students must be picked up by 6:00pm each day, no exceptions. Three (3) late pick-ups will result in the student being dropped from the A.C.E.S. program. Students may be listed as walkers if the permission form is filled out by a parent, however parents/guardians will be held responsible for the student once he/she has been signed out by the A.C.E.S. staff.

  • Early Release: Parents have the right to request a daily early release from the program. The earliest request will be for 5:00pm during Daylight Savings Time and 4:30pm during the Winter/Non Daylight Savings Time. The parent/guardian must sign the early release form and indicate if the student will be picked up or if the student has permission to walk home.

  • Discipline: Participation in the A.C.E.S. program is a privilege. All students must follow the rules of the program at all times. All students will be required to sign a Personal Responsibility Contract within the first week of school. Students will be given a copy to review with their parent/guardian. Disruptive or disrespectful behavior towards other students and/or program staff is reason for dismissal. We encourage parents/guardians to discuss concerns with the school administrator or coordinator.

    • 1st – Verbal Warning & call home

    • 2nd – 1 day suspension from ACES

    • 3rd – 2 day suspension from ACES

    • 4th – 3 day suspension from ACES

    • 5th – Dismissal from ACES

In addition, school rules, policies and procedures apply.

  • Responsibilities: It is the students responsibility to get to the A.C.E.S. program immediately after school. The program will not be responsible for students who do not check-in. Students seen hanging around the playground or any area within campus will be subject to disciplinary action, and may be dropped from the program. Students are not to leave campus for any reason once they have checked-in to the A.C.E.S. program unless they have been signed out by a parent/guardian.

  • Homework: It is the students responsibility to bring their homework to the program every day, and to take advantage of the time allocated for homework help. Our staff will make every attempt to offer support to those students that need extra help, and assist in the completion of homework. We ask that you please review your student’s homework with them every night to ensure that it has been completed properly.

  • Contact Information: It is important that we are able to contact parents/guardians when needed; therefore it is important to keep contact information up to date and notify the program coordinator of any changes.

  • Parental Support: Parents/guardians are important partners in the A.C.E.S. programs success. We request your support in the many activities, projects, events, and adventures we will be bringing to your student. You can help by volunteering for events, helping with projects, providing donations, etc. You will be notified of any help that is needed, and if you have any questions, please feel free to contact the program Coordinator.